Tuesday, April 21, 2009

BLEH haven been updating for few weeks XD Hope there is no stalker(Mr. M) see-ing this blog @@. Exams are coming YAY i love exams @@ you just need to study or revise. Chem just memorise almost everything, Math + A-Math memorise all formula. Phy too~~ memorise formula. Language wise leh~~ read more books lor....SS & Geog leh..... tt 1 must memorise like __

4:04 AM trash my attitude.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

LOL today got A-Math Level Test YAY so GG-Fied!~~ Actually it is okay de ._. But everytime i say okay sure fail de wtf?! So i hope i don't fail this lor cause i seem to know all the questions! Yesterday Mr Mazri asked me a question that i find it very hard to reply: Do you mean that i'm not a good t-cher?! Do you mean that i do not explain very well? thats what he said when i told him i got tuition t-cher -.-

7:03 AM trash my attitude.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

I'll update since reb asked me to update-.-

This week have been a tiring week ~~ well theres still friday, sat & sun. But these for 4days were tiring. Esp Monday & Tuesday! Hols Hmewk do lyk shit! serves me right -.- Hope this sunday would be a relaxing day :D since no adam's tuition~~ Hmm today the canteen sold prawn noodles! & I BOUGHT THEM OMG! SHIT LA Later rashes come back agn -.- Thats all @@ time to do hmwk

Changed my blog song! to i'll be there! Kinda G@Y but nvm! GO GREEN WEEEE

1:32 AM trash my attitude.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Haiiz today & ytd is a *****ing sad day~~suddenly my rashes come back WTF LOR! den cant go out D: until now still have leh! although ate medicine ==". Still have lots of hmewk to do~~ Lets see, MATH, ENGLISH & Chinese :O

5:13 AM trash my attitude.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Having Rashes sucks to the core!~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Just went to see the doctor agn my whole body damn itchy lor!! When i went into the doctor's room SUDDENLY *white* things became to appear (feel like fainting). Asked Doctor to give me water. Drink le don't feel like vomiting but still fainting. Lied on doctor's bed rest for awhile. open up my eyes OKAY Liao so relieved, thought i will faint.... Den he gime injection to take away the itch-ness of the rash but now some parts still itchy==" thats all gng to do my tuition hmewk den slp.

5:28 AM trash my attitude.


Yungzhen aka Yz
Nov 19 1994 Bc~~
15 this year but not yet 15 haiiz
School of Mofos morons :D
Fan of Linkin Park & BuckCherry? Maybe Dope too~~

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